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Susan Griffith - (Executive Director), Kristen Kellems - (Staff Attorney), Brooke Robinson - (Staff Attorney), Michelle Lesue - (Staff Attorney), Joni McDougal - (Staff Attorney), Candace Reid - (Staff Attorney), Jeremy Shimada - (Staff Attorney), Julene Curtis - (Executive Assistant)
Families gain and maintain stability. A young family faced losing the pad space for their mobile home. The landlords wanted them out and started giving them long lists of things they had to change. They complied with the requests even though others in the park were doing the same things (maintaining a dog run) and the things that the landlord required weren't in the rental contract or park rules. It became clear that the landlord was discriminating based on race. The clients were given advice on how to handle the potential eviction and on how to pursue discrimination claims. The clients followed through on the advice they received. This sweet couple brought a huge cake to the Family Justice Center to announce that they had won their discrimination case and the landlord was ordered to pay the fees. The husband whispered, "We would have lost our home without you, without this place."

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Timpanogos Legal Center (TLC) is a group of volunteer attorneys who provide free legal assistance. TLC’s purpose is to provide legal services, and to lift those counseled in improving their lives. Please contact our hotline to speak one of our Attorneys to find out how we can assist you. We host Free Legal clinics throughout the state. Please see our Calendar or contact our Hotline representative for times and locations. We can also assist clients with document preparation . There is a screening process. Please contact us for more information.